Reticon 2024
About The Conference

Reticon, an initiative of Dr Agarwals Retina Foundation, meets to disseminate knowledge about recent advancements in diagnosing and managing vitreoretinal disorders. Reticon 2024, the 14th scientific meet, many Ophthalmologists practicing in India and around the world attend and witness the happenings in vitreoretinal disorders.

The primary goal is to bring together more than 10,000 vitreoretinal specialists and fellows to acquire an update on the latest techniques and technologies for the management of vitreoretinal disorder, which is constantly evolving. It also provides an opportunity for postgraduates and general ophthalmologists to take a quick look at the progress in diagnostics and treatment in vitreoretinal specialty.





Medical retina is a broad terminology that covers many retinal conditions...


The surgical retina is a broad terminology for diseases of the vitreous and/or retina...


Live surgery (LS) is considered a useful teaching opportunity...


The potential to be a highlight of the entire event...




Organising Committee

Dr Parveen Sen
Dr Padma Preetha N
Dr Triveni V

Scientific Programs

Session 1

Emerging Trends in Medical Retina
Moderator - Saraswathy, Kumar Saurabh
Panelists - All Speakers, Palanivel Venkatesan,Rajiv Raman
Time Topic Chair / Speaker
09:00 - 09:08 Qualitative & Quantitative Imaging biomarkers of progression of geographic atrophy Muna Bhende
09:08 - 09:16 Uveal Effusion Syndrome & Bullous CSC - VOC Disease Spectrum George Manayath
09:16 - 09:24 OCT & OCTA biomarkers of proliferation and degeneration in Mactel Unnikrishnan Nair
09:24 - 09:32 Update on Treatment of Geographic Atrophy Raja Narayanan
09:32 - 09:40 Aflibercept biosimilars - update on the development progress Ashish Sharma
09:40 - 09:55 Panel Discussion  
09:55 - 10:05 Keynote:From Ordinary to Extraordinary...5 Steps towards Excellence Lalit Verma

Session 2

Retina Detectives: Can you solve these Mysteries?
Moderator - Tandava Krishna, Jabeen Naz
Panelists - Mahesh Shanmugam, Muna Bhende, Mudith Tyagi, George Manayath, Parthopratim Majumdar
Time Topic Chair / Speaker
10:10 - 10:22 Case 1 Poornachandra
10:22 - 10:34 Case 2 Mohit Dogra
10:34 - 10:46 Case 3 Kumar Saurabh
10:46 - 10:58 Case 4 Divyansh Mishra
10:58 - 11:20 Tea Break  

Session 3

Video Based Surgery Session
Moderator - Amit Basia, Dheepak
Panelists - Pramod Bhende, Mohan Raj, Lingam Gopal, Prasan Rao
Time Topic Chair / Speaker
11:20 - 11:30 Surgery for ROP…The past and present Lingam Gopal
11:30 - 11:38 History of Retinal Detachment S.Natarajan
11:38 - 11:46 My strategies for managing extreme PVR Mahesh Shanmugam
11:46 - 11:54 3 D Visualization for Diabetic detachments: a balanced look Prashant Bawankule
11:54 - 12:04 Surgery for RD associated with Vitreoretinopathies Anand Rajendran
12:04 - 12:12 My experience with hypervit Sangeet Mittal
12:12 - 11:30 Panel Discussion  
12:30 - 13:00 Inaguration  
13:00 - 13:45 Lunch  

Session 4

AntiVegfs Therapeutics: Spoilt for Choice : Sponsored Session
Moderator - Sunil Ganekal, Sachin Mahuli
Panelists - Raja Narayanan, Lalit Verma, Unnikrishnan, Anand Rajendran
Time Topic Chair / Speaker
13:45 - 13:53 Breaking barriers in the management of nAMD Raja Narayanan
13:53 - 14:01 Functional and anatomic outcomes of Brolucizumab for DME Sanjay K Mishra
14:01 - 14:09 Deep diving into RVO Management Prashant Bawankule
14:09 - 14:25 Experiencing chANGe with Vabysmo:Clinical Insights from Phase 3 clinical trials and Real World evidence in nAMD and DME Prasan Rao
14:25 - 14:45 Panel Discussion  

Session 5

From Around the World: What’s new
Moderator - Parveen Sen, Padma Preetha
Panelists - Mahesh Shanmugam, Muna Bhende, George Manayath, Poornachandra, Raja Narayanan
Time Topic Chair / Speaker
14:45 - 14:57 Retinal biomarkers of Systemic Disease Rupesh Agrawal (Virtual Talk)
14:57 - 15:09 Gene Therapy in AMD Jay Chhablani (Virtual Talk)
15:09 - 15:22 Stem cell Therapy for Inherited retinal Disorders: Where do we stand Rajani Battu
15:22 - 15:34 AI in Management of DME Rajiv Raman
15:34 - 16:00 Panel Discussion

Session 6

Moderator - Roshni Mohan, Nikitha Ayyadurai
Panelists - S Natarajan, Anand Rajendran, Rajiv Raman, Pramod Bhende, Lingam Gopal
Time Topic Chair / Speaker
16:00 - 16:15 Intraocular Glue vs ILM peel for macular hole Mudit Tyagi vs Shashank Rai Gupta
16:15 - 16:30 No comparison for human brain / Chat GPT is smarter Puja Maitrey Vs Dhaivat Shah
16:30 - 16:45 Macular Buckle for Myopic macular hole/PPV and ILM peeling is the best Pradeep Susvar Vs Ritesh Narula
16:45 - 17:00 OVD assisted Suprachoroidal Buckle / Old is gold: SB SUNIL GANEKAL Vs Sachin Mahuli
17:00 - 17:15 Medicolegal Issues: time to take things in our hand/better to listen to experts Mahesh G Vs Manoj Khatri
17:15 - 17:30 Vote of Thanks  


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